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Darth Muffy
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The Kenobi Movie Show (Spoilers)
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12-Jul-2022, 4:52 AM
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ADR14NAT1ON said:

exitzero said:

Not often main-stream media talks about a fan edit. IGN, ScreenRant, Variety, and others have all done an article on Kai Patterson’s Obi-Wan Fan Edit. He cut it down to a 2 & a half hour movie. He removed the goofy stuff with Leia being chased by bumbling grown men. Rearranges the Jedi scene on Tatooine so Obi-Wan meets the Jedi first, the Inquisitors kill him in the bar (he doesn’t escape), and then Obi-Wan sees him hanging in the city. he also gives Obi-Wan a good reason to let Vader live after their second duel. What I like the most is the John Williams Star Wars music added throughout.

I am also really excited to check it out - albeit not for any interest in the story, but rather just to see how he fixed some of the problems from an editing standpoint. I’ve seen amazing fan edits do wonders for the original material and the SW community always keeps them coming.

I’m keen to compare it to Spencers Kenobi movie edit.