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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - on VHS (Released)
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11-Jul-2022, 11:45 PM

Little bump here.

I’ve done a new V2 capture of this tape. I wasn’t really impressed with my last one looking back at it, mainly from the smearing artifact that was present from my DVD recorder passthrough (for S-Video out). I upgraded my VCR to a S-VHS deck sometime ago, but my old capture device would have massive warping making it useless without the DVD recorder, so I kept it.

An example of the smearing:

Recently I changed my capture device to a Hauppauge USB-Live 2 (as a recommendation from someone) which plays much better with my S-VHS deck, so I could remove the DVD recorder and the smearing it added. There may be a tiny bit of warping but nothing noticeable, certainly the best I’ll get without forking $$$$ on an external TBC.

Since there’s no smearing now, I’ve done a Progressive encode for the film itself this time also to help it quality-wise while keeping it for single layer DVD, while everything else is Interlaced. Certainly better than the original where I actually captured it deinterlaced already and got reinterlaced it. lol

A tiny little bit of combing can be seen in spots, mostly on the top of the frame, if you pause it which I was gonna blend, but it made the picture more softer than I expected, so I left it untouched. I played it back on my CRT and it looks fine, so I didn’t need to do it.

I also noticed that the DVD recorder step had cropped the sides in my original capture, so that’s opened up in this new V2 capture. I was gonna use Framecompare but the site has refused to work for myself for months now, so here’s both:


Version 2:

So if there’s anyone that’s wanting a replacement for this, feel free to send a DM. I stopped responding to requests in threads ever since I got no emails (for some reason) for at least a months worth on the Chronologically LOST HD thread.

I’ve also redone the Revenge of the Sith tape as well which I’ll post an update on there later.