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The Random Star Wars Pics & GIFs Thread
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10-Jul-2022, 10:43 PM
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Servii said:

STK is good for how much it tries to call out all the jerks who have ruined the Star Wars fandom and is a safe space for people to like the sequels without being yelled at or belittled.

So, criticizing the prequels is all well and good, but criticizing the sequels is “ruining the fandom”? The vast majority of Star Wars subs are largely positive about the whole franchise. It’s not like sequel fans are some oppressed minority.

It’s more or less calling out the Geeks+Gamers, Mauler, TheQuartering, Star Wars Theory, etc. part of the “fandom” that simply want to grift and enable grifters. Like it or not, they exist and make the whole fandom look bad. Besides, STK isn’t all that OK with prequel criticism (except for the people who miss the points of those movies).

Also, pro-sequel content gets downvoted a lot on the main subreddit, most of r/prequelmemes is “sequels bad” content, and grift content is still pumped out on the regular on YouTube. Being an ST fan is like being a PT fan back in the '00s. The difference is that a wider spread of social media avenues makes it seem louder and angrier.