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9-Jul-2022, 12:11 AM
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Superweapon VII said:

Nostalgia is the bedrock of fascism.

Not really. Modern, Western neofascists exploit nostalgia a lot, but they’re not at all alone in that regard, and other modern fascists, as well as older fascists, did not. 20th century European fascism was extremely futurist, for example, nostalgia was anything but the bedrock of Mussolini’s Italy. The Nazis believed in a glorious past which needed to be reclaimed, but don’t think of it in the same way American neofascists view the 1950s as a glorious past which needs to be reclaimed. Their glorious past was thousands of years before written history and was more of an excuse to bring up when they got asked why, if Germans are the ubermensch, were ancient Germans barbarians living in mud huts while supposedly inferior peoples were building incredibly complex civilizations.