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Kenobi - A Star Wars IC Fanedit
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5-Jul-2022, 11:55 PM

I watched the edit overnight and thoroughly enjoyed it. I know you put a lot of hours into the edit which I’m extremely thankful for. The tone and structure of the movie felt like a fast paced Star Wars adventure which could have been released in the theatres. The subtle touches of John Williams was awesome and I think this is what really made if feel so Star Wars-y. As much as I enjoyed the run time of 1hr 45mins and the trimming down of certain long-winded scenes, I also feel it may have cut too much. Here is a personal list of the scenes to be re-added if you were ever to release a V2. Other people on this thread may have also mentioned some of the scenes I’m referring to

  • Leia’s introduction should be in the tree with Lola watching the ships so there is some context when Bail asks her “Anything good today” and she lists of the ships.
  • In the conversation hologram with Bail, It seemed like Obi Wan was too easily convinced to go after Leia. Instead of finishing the scene with Obi Wan saying “What about the Senate”, I think it would work better to finish the scene with Bail saying “Only you know how important she really is.”
  • When Obi-Wan arrives on Daiyu he says “If ever I need guidance Master, it’s now”, however as you do not plan to have the force ghost of Qui-Gon in this edit it feel like this is a setup with no payoff for the audience. That line suggests we may see Qui-Gon’s force ghost in the future. I think either remove that line or add Qui-Gon force ghost at the end.
  • I’ve read you comment about removing \ hiding the Leia’s adoption storyline from this edit. I think this is a mistake. There are two emotional moments between Leia and Obi Wan discussing Leia’s real parents. One on the truck transport on the planet Mapuzo, where they talk about Padme. The other is towards the end where Obi Wan speak about the quality’s of both Padme and Anakin. If you only consider re-adding one of these scenes I would choose the second on.
  • The scene of Reva not being promoted to Grand Inquisitor by Vader was cut so could be confusing to the audience when she is referred to as Grand Inquisitor. Also, the original Grand Inquisitor is cut from making an appearance after Reva is stabbed by Vader which breaks Canon for Rebels that he is still alive.
  • It would have been good to see the flashback of Obi-Wan and Kenobi training using the de-aged version of the footage. But I can take it or leave it I don’t think it adds that much.
  • With all subtle hints of John Williams music in the edit, I was surprised that we didn’t get Duel of the Fates theme for final fight between Obi-Wan and Vader. I also feel like the fight was trimmed a bit too much but I understand why you did that.

These extra scenes may only add an extra 10-15mins bringing the running time to 2hrs which I think it still acceptable for feature length Star Wars movie. Everything else on the edit was spot on and worked for me personally. I hope you take some of these changes into consideration, but either way this will still be my go to Obi-Want movie. Thanks again for your work on this.