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5-Jul-2022, 4:06 PM

Had a lot of fun watching the first part of your edit! I liked how you cut together Kenobi’s working days and nightly terrors, I thought that was very creative. When it comes to trying to tell the story of a man who is tortured by his past, you paint a better picture then Disney did.

Connecting the Daiyu sewers to the Inquisitor fortress I found very creative and funny.

It’s when we get to Mapuzo, I feel your edit loses steam. We kind of follow the original show from then on and the editing frequency seems to take a hit. I think your edit would improve a lot by trimming down some of the more let we say “not so good” scenes. For example, you kept the whole “Frick and the stormtroopers” scene, without editing anything. I feel if you can shave of about 15 minutes of the total running time from scenes likes that, your edit would improve vastly.

Nevertheless very nice effort, good watch!