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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place
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5-Jul-2022, 12:37 AM

Anakin Starkiller said:

The USA really isn’t all that bad. Yes it has serious issues (such as the whole abortion issue), but it’s still a decent country. It is in NO way a “shithole”. Be glad you’re not living in North Korea.

This. I don’t “like” the US per say but it’s frankly ludicrous when people claim Donald Trump or whoever candidate/president they hate is a literal dictator bringing about the end of democracy in America. These people have no sense of perspective.

I agree that it’s absurd and tiresome for people to attack political opponents in extreme terms, especially when all they usually do is attempt to game America’s backwards election system to gain power.

To put it in perspective, no president in American history has actually declared the results of a free election fraudulent, threatened elections officials who disagreed, and incited a violent uprising against its government.

Except one.