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The Kenobi Movie Show (Spoilers)
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2-Jul-2022, 5:41 AM

Anchorhead said:

henzINNIT said:
…and whether Obi-Wan walking away after defeating Vader makes sense. I don’t believe it does, but that is no doubt influenced by my reading of Ben’s intentions in the OT. If I was to buy in to the notion that killing Vader is just not a jedi thing to do

I’m not familiar with the prequels, so this may be a dumb question: does Obi Wan know how bad a person Vader has become by the time he sees him in this show? Maybe he doesn’t kill him because he’s unaware of just how horrible he really is. He probably doesn’t think of him as someone who is going to become so evil that he’ll be ok with helping Tarkin kill millions of people.

Obi-Wan witnesses the aftermath of the Jedi Temple massacre (lots of Jedi bodies) and watches an hologram of Vader killing the younglings. Afterwards he kinda tries to reason with Vader, who proceeds to strangle his own wife, and then goes into a rant about bringing justice to the empire. So I think Obi knows how bad Vader really is.