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(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)
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30-Jun-2022, 10:55 AM

I’m planning on hopefully rewatching chapter 2 over the weekend.

But from what I remember there were a few small things I thought could of potentially worked better. the scene where Fett is gifted the Lizard, his first line of the scene is “you are warriors.”
I remember feeling like the scene would of played out better without that starting line as it felt like the scene started in the middle of a conversation.

Also, though the lizard scene in the D+ version is maybe a little silly. I remember something about the edits take on the whole removal of the lizard felt off. Felt like something was missing. I feel either you could try removing the lizard entirely, or making the lizard come out of his nose like in the original.

I also remember thinking that whenever Boba saves Fennec, that while I never liked the mods scene in the original where they repair her. I think it felt a little odd not seeing any if that in this edit. Perhaps you could show bobba taking her to the modshop but cutting the scene as he enters? Idk I’m just spitballing here, that may not look good in practice.

I think thats about it. Though I could be forgetting something, and I plan on watching it again in a few days hopefully. Overall loved this chapter especially.

Will say the “bigger” of the two issues I had was the lizard scene.