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The Kenobi Movie Show (Spoilers)
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25-Jun-2022, 5:38 PM
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Servii said:

“Star Wars was always poorly written” is an argument I really take issue with. If the original film were poorly written, none of us would even be here with our attachment to this franchise.

To be fair, assuming you refer to my post and the outrage it seems to have sparked, I never said Star Wars was poorly written. I said it’s not the most well-written franchise, and I stand by that. Lots of things were clearly made up on the go and the first film was more or less saved in editing.

There may not be anything as egregious as Reva’s inexplicable escape in the OT, but I’ll be damned if the Obi-Wan Kenobi haters would have accepted “from a certain point of view” or the passionate kiss between Luke and Leia followed by the revelation that they’re siblings and one party has “always known” if either of those happened in a current series or film franchise.