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25-Jun-2022, 9:32 AM

Anjohan said:

I got this idea in my head as I was doing some finishing touches on the last duel and the ending, and… well, see for yourself:

So, that’s what I spent the last two hours on. I just had to put it together to see if this is something we should chase or leave alone. It’s probably too fanedit-y and radical too be included, but worth giving a shot.


-> Definitely a more interesting rescue, by far, imo.
-> We actually get Obi-Wan in some good, interesting action before the film’s second act - which is more of a thriller-y, slow-burn type of act (which i love, but some starting action might be a good thing).
-> Lovely atmosphere
-> Hajja is more useful
-> World-building


-> Leia wears the same robe that Obi-Wan later buys (but I’ve changed the sweater’s color from green to brown).
-> Why does Obi-Wan change outfit? (They are almost similar, but perhaps he borrowed some from his fake jedi friend Hajja?
-> When they escape the facility later on, they come out a door from an establishing shot turning close-up. They wear lab suits. This, imo, is not an issue - as we can let the imagination assume that they followed an escape plan set up by Hajja, and changed clothes on their ways back out for security meassures.
-> Too fanedit-y?

Also, the Inquisitor Fortress never make an apperance in the film (not because of this change - this is just for fun).

Cheers, guys. I’ll respond to posts I haven’t responded to later/tomorrow. Brain is fried.

Thank you for your continuing support and lovely feedback. ❤️

Only change I’d suggest is trim Obi-Wan lightsabering the first stormtrooper in the dark room. The way he hits the trooper in the chest a few times makes it look more like he’s attacking with a baseball bat or something. If it’s not possible to trim it in a good way though I understand.