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The Kenobi Movie Show (Spoilers)
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23-Jun-2022, 12:05 PM
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Kaweebo said:

Ava G. said:

adywan said:

So basically, what you are saying is that those that think this show was a pile of garbage are just too damn stupid to to think deeply enough or are just too stupid to piece together what these highly intelligent beings that praise the show can see before their super intellectual selves because they can actually think? Right, got it.

No. I’m calling them unwilling to extend their critical minds beyond the so-called plot hole or complaint.

An example. A reviewer on YT made a deal about how in episode 5, Reva has the troopers escort Obi-Wan (who surrendered) back into the cave compound. As in, the logical thing would have been to keep him outside the entrance and wait for Vader.

I think we can infer why Reva made that move. But nobody I saw really pushed back on this. Not the other reviewers he spoke to, and nobody in his audience. It’s a common problem.

See, I’m incredibly critical of this show but I also find much of the criticism to be really stupid by some people. There’s much bigger problems in that episode alone worth mentioning over stuff like Reva having the stormies escort Kenobi back inside. At that point, she was in on his plan and the rest of her troops weren’t going to question her on it, they’re trained not to.

Now, the fact that she spent 10 minutes shooting the blast doors with a cannon for no reason only to do the smart thing and cut it open with her lightsaber at the most dramatic moment possible instead of immediately doing so upon getting there is something that still boggles my mind the writers just left in.

Or that Bail Organa would create evidence of the existence of the twins and location of “the boy” in a recording, that he made believing Obi-Wan may have been captured by the Empire, and that Obi-Wan would give this recording to another character, who just so happens to drop it, such that another character, who should be dead, can conveniently find it. It’s always a bad sign when characters are hit by the stupid stick, just such that the plot can move from point A to point B.