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The Kenobi Movie Show (Spoilers)
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23-Jun-2022, 11:46 AM
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yotsuya said:

MalaStrana#2 said:

yotsuya said:

MalaStrana#2 said:

Vader, episode 3: « I am what you made me. »

Vader, episode 6: « You didn’t fail Anakin. I killed Anakin. »

This fucking show isn’t even internally consistent. It’s incredible how badly written this shit is…

(Just waiting for basic fans to explain « he meant what he is in a physical state not his psychological state. It fits perfectly. It bridges PT to OT perfectly » 😂)

In episode 3 Vader is referring to his suit. In episode 6 he is referring to his fall. Two totally different topics.

Quoting myself:

« (Just waiting for basic fans to explain « he meant what he is in a physical state not his psychological state. It fits perfectly. It bridges PT to OT perfectly » 😂) »

You’re so predictable 😂

But accurate. In Episode 3, Kenobi has just encountered a man he thought dead and sees the suit he is now encased in. In Episode 6 they are talking about Anakin’s fall and Vader takes full credit for it. That you are calling this out as an issue shows you didn’t watch the episodes very carefully. So it really diminishes the weight of your other comments. If you aren’t paying attention to very obvious things, how can you properly judge this series at all.

No, that is retro-fitting the argument. There’s nothing in the statement “What have you become?”, that specifies whether Obi-Wan is specifically talking about Vader’s physical appearance. There’s nothing in that episode either, that suggests Vader is specifically referring to his appearance, when he states " I am, what you made me." Given the statements in the final episode, you might conclude retro-actively, that Vader was talking about his physical appearance. On the other hand given the many lapses of logic in the series, you might also conclude the writers created yet another inconsistency. There is no objectively correct answer here. Just an interpretation of what was said.