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The Prequel Trilogy Revised - concept trailers released (WIP)
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22-Jun-2022, 9:48 PM

CourtlyHades296 said:

I think that the prequels should have an aesthetic less technologically advanced than the OT. Thus vector graphics for the displays.

We shall see what I do there. I do plan on probably redoing Adywan’s trilogy a little bit to match the prequels more, like saber effects and lighting. I love what he’s doing, but I need them to blend with the Prequels a lil more and Ady is not a fan of the prequels and dropped plans on redoing the prequels. He does how ever like the sequel trilogy and is matching certain things to that. So redoing some of his to match the prequels will also help them match the Sequels and Obiwan/Mandalorian.

I have plans to cut down the Mandalorian to 1 or 2 movies, and am also considering cutting down Obiwan and editing some parts into Rogue One as flash backs that Vader is having, making Rogue One a more Vader centric movie. We’ll see though what I can do when I get there though.

I am also curious what they do with Ahsoka in her show. If they give me useful flashback scenes of her and Anakin, I may add them into the Prequels for fans. Well see though.