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The Kenobi Movie Show (Spoilers)
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22-Jun-2022, 11:13 AM
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Fan_edit_fan said:

Bridger12 said:

Channel72 said:

There’s so much logistical hand-waving about how characters get from Point A to Point B in this show. How did Reva get to Tatooine?

Easy. She flew there.

But how? With what transport? And how so lightening fast while Vader JUST left her to pursue Kenobi and gang? You could have argued that opening scene of her asking for Owen could have happened weeks or months after her being nearly stabbed to death and needing to recuperate.

I initially thought it WAS like months or weeks later. But then we cut back to Vader pursuing Kenobi, which implies that only a few minutes/hours have passed since the ending of Episode 5. I was so confused - at one point I thought we were seeing two different time periods, e.g. the Kenobi scenes were like a flashback, while the Reva scenes were the present day. But no, they were clearly supposed to be concurrent, which means after Reva got stabbed in the stomach with a lightsaber, she somehow got up, found a ship (wasn’t it a plot point that there were no other ships?), exited the atmosphere without being detected by the nearby Stardestroyer, and then arrived on Tatooine and asked that guy about Owen, all in what must have been less than an hour.

Unless the transport carrying Kenobi and the others was being pursued for days/weeks? They didn’t have hyperdrive working, and they do arrive at a different planet or moon, so I guess it’s possible. The chronology is just so confusing.

MalaStrana#2 said:

How come is she still alive btw ? I haven’t watched yet the finale but I truly wonder how it is possible to shoot a scene of Vader calmly stabbing her and leaving the scene quietly to just leave his prey alive. Is there something explaining that or just fans assuming stuff? (Because it appears SW fans are less lazy than SW writers and try to make sense of everything)

No explanation is provided. She’s just somehow on Tatooine the next time we see her, after being impaled.

I mean, if I were impaled, and miraculously survived, I’d probably first try to get to a hospital with a bacta tank, and save my child-killing revenge plans for later… but that’s just me.