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The Prequel Trilogy Revised - concept trailers released (WIP)
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19-Jun-2022, 7:20 PM

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Here is a sample of Anakin meeting Padame from my 3-1 cut done in HDR.

The scene was cut to flow tighter and more natural, like the dialogue between Ani and Padame.

I guess some of the cgi didn’t age too badly or did you update it because watto and think even jar jar look ok for the most part.

I thought Watto and Jarjar looked better too. No cgi work, just HDR. This is from the 1080p blurays. The Hdr just really helped balance the levels better so they blend into the scene more.

I hope there’s a way to make them look that good throughout the prequel trilogy.

Well see, Im still playing with it trying to find the right balance. Its helpful but def takes sometime

Take your time if you can get those two characters and maybe more to look good without updating the cgi you just made a miracle happen.

I think some of the scenes will be easier than other to blend. The Gungun battle will still be hard. Some of the scenes, the grass just looks like trash. Its real grass, but who ever composited it originally did a terrible job. One scene you can see the blades of grass and then the next you can’t even at the same distance. Some of that may still have to be fixed with vfx.

There is also the issue of how much I can push these images. Many of them are completely flattened. Some of them barely coming up to 350 on the scopes where as it should be spread up to 700 at least or higher when compared to the Sequel Trilogy quality.

Not only this, but also the color and vibrancy of the image. How rich can the colors go while keeping natural tones and not making the Cgi look more cgi.

Some of the scenes in the Anakin meeting Padame were brightened quite a bit to bring out the higher ends, while pulling the Blacks, Dark, and Shadow areas back down to where they should be. The fall off from light to dark should look as natural as possible. As these were older digital cameras, there are limits to what they even were able to capture with the sensor technology and software of the time. (Look at your cell phones to see how far some of this tech has come. Now compare your phone’s tiny censor to that of even an Slr camera and its huge. Specially when shooting in Raw. The information size difference is huge. So the tech then def had its limits.)

This again will effect work flow on the vfx. As if I do HDR first and color grade, then the Vfx after wont be graded in HDR as I can’t isolate objects in Davinci. So ill still have to do most the vfx first before doing the HDR. Or do some Hdr, then Vfx, then the final Hdr. Some scenes Ive already considered running HRD on twice to be able to isolate and manipulate more layers of the image. Specially in some of the washed out images during the saber battle in the reactor room.

On a separate note, I will be trying to do some of the Deepfaking and deaging on some of the added scenes from Obiwan. Ive already seen some promising examples on the Obi and Ani training scene. Of which I wont use wholesale, but I will be using parts of to show Anakin’s training after being taken on by Obiwan at the end of TPM. I had already planned to repurpose some of the youngling scenes from ATOC to show of this, but Obiwan gave some extra scenes.

Using these scenes in smaller forms means you wont be rehashing it if you watch Obiwan, as I wont be using the whole scene. So its something briefly shown in the prequels that will still be shown in more depth in Obiwan where its dialogue and message are meant for.

For those curious, in the Purist Cut, Anakin will still be the one killing the younglings as to not interfere with the Extended Starwars canon. For me though, most of what Disney has done isn’t in my canon. Except Rogue One. So for me, switching the Emperor to killing the kids doesn’t mess up my head canon and actually improves it.

So rebels the final season of the clone wars the bad batch tales of the Jedi and Jedi fallen order aren’t canon to you? because minus Jedi fallen order Dave filoni did the rest.

Na. I enjoyed Mandalorian and Rogue One but I-Vi is largely my only canon. I didn’t dig a lot of the stories even. For me, Darth Maul dies in Ep I. (I like Bobba Fet dying in Ep VI too).