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16-Jun-2022, 1:30 AM

RogueLeader said:

marioxb said:

adywan said:

OK, Here is the sneak peek at the new ANH:R HD edit of the Obi-Wan/ Vader duel.
The editing in the HD version differs slightly from the SD version . In the final version there will be two audio tracks: The main 5.1 track will be the music less versions, while track 2 will have the added music as seen in the original SD version of ANH:R

Looks great! I just can’t help but think that, knowing what we now know, I don’t think Obi Wan would call him “Darth”, would he? I think Anakin or Vader would be better. Maybe both?

Try to imagine a scene where a younger Obi-Wan is confronting Count Dooku and says, “You can’t win, Count.” It feels like a perfectly natural line that he would say, in my opinion. So with that in mind, I think you can easily interpret it as Obi-Wan just calling him by his Sith title. In the past a lot of people have suggested Obi-Wan says it mockingly. Of course, all of this is a retroactive interpretation, but I think it works enough that it doesn’t warrant changing it.

Anyway, great work Ady!

Dooku is almost exclusively addressed as Dooku by Kenobi not Count (though that’s not really the point) and Count can and has been used as a singular address. Darth is however never used as a singular address by any character for any Sith. It doesn’t sound mocking, it’s phrased casually as if Kenobi is using it as a name which doesn’t fit how Kenobi addresses Vader before or since and people in general (he uses names not titles for basically everyone except the Emperor).