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21C Peasant
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STAR WARS - A New Hope [Modernized] [Prequel-OT Bridge]
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12-Jun-2022, 9:24 PM

Anjohan said:

SC38 will be mixed in at the end of the film, BUT - with that being said - I will definitely have to do a lot of rotoscoping work because there are many flaws between that footage and the original film. The background lights change intensity and sometimes shades of white all over the place, and the corridor also looks to get bigger as we switch to the SC38 footage. But I’ll have to see when I start work on that.

First off, I tip my cap to Fixinitpost for their awesome work on SC 38 Reimagined. Second, I think most of us would agree that simply inserting SC 38 into A New Hope is just too jarring. Third, after Vader’s performance in Rogue One, the duel in ANH just doesn’t hold up when viewing the films in chronological order. I grew up with the OT and I love it as it is, however, updated versions are cool too.

For inspiration, I thought I’d share my current cut of this scene. I created some new composite shots and kept tweaking old and new to bring things closer together. My goal was to use as much of the original duel as possible, while only using SC 38 to supplement. Is it perfect?..No, but it certainly gives Vader the ferocity we have come to expect, especially toward his old master.

The video is in 1080 if you download it.