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STAR WARS - A New Hope [Modernized] [Prequel-OT Bridge]
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12-Jun-2022, 4:08 PM

SC38 will be mixed in at the end of the film, BUT - with that being said - I will definitely have to do a lot of rotoscoping work because there are many flaws between that footage and the original film. The background lights change intensity and sometimes shades of white all over the place, and the corridor also looks to get bigger as we switch to the SC38 footage. But I’ll have to see when I start work on that.

Also, I will definitely have to deepfake Alec Guinness for two shots having watched the footage back (luckily im half-decent with Deepfakes).

Sirius said:

Hi, Anjohan. I don’t know if your son already saw Rogue One, but lantern51 released an ANH edit that put the hallway scene of Vader in the beginning of the movie. It fits surprisingly well with ANH, and really make the movie feel more modern (it also can help into gather the attention of a younger audience). In his edit he included sc38 too, and it flowed really well with the rest of the film. If you have interest:


As for including the hallway scene of Rogue One, It would be an awesome introduction to the film, but:

a) it would kind of de-canonize Rogue One or make it’s impact in the story less impactful if I take footage from it (for example if people want to do the Kenobi Show and Rogue One before watching Modernized)
b) the following 50+ minutes of the film (A New Hope) could end up feeling tonally inconsistent, as they are much more slow-paced and the movie overall has little to no action - it’s more an adventure movie with the occasional short battle. Such an opening could give the wrong impression and sell the film as a sci-fi action flick, when it is more The Wizard of Oz in space.

The arguement for including it could be that the film continues right from the end of Rogue One, but I don’t know. Haven’t really thought much about that.