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4-Jun-2022, 4:00 PM

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I know I shouldn’t bring this up again but, I did just realize something. Since you’re using Topaz to improve the existing 2011 Blu-Ray for ANH:R HD, why not attempt the same for ESB:R?

That is if you want to do it, as it is your choice and not mine, or anyone else’s.

(In some of the shots where Leia turns around to rescue Luke from Cloud City, the lighted buttons in the Falcon’s cockpit bleeds together.)

Didn’t you just ask this?

Yeah I know, but when I was reading back the update on ANH:R HD about how Ady was using Topaz to clean-up the 2011 Blu-Ray (when it was still on native 1080p) to improve the image quality for the same resolution, I thought about that when I was thinking that Ady used the 2004 DVD to create ESB:R, before he used Topaz to upscale from 720p to 1080p.

If i had used the 2004 DVD then it would have only been 480p, not 720p

I didn’t know a 1080p blu ray could be downscaled to 720p and question I have is why was it isn’t that a downgrade?

Ady has gone over this a bajillion times. He was working with sources not all in 1080p at the time so 720p would be - and was - an ideal compromise. But upscaling algorithms have reached a point that going back to 1080p not only made the edit match the quality of the original soure, but surpass it.