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(The Rise of Skywalker) Legacy of the Force | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]
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3-Jun-2022, 10:39 AM
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3-Jun-2022, 10:44 AM
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T-202 said:

I’ve finally gotten to see your Episode 9 and I’m impressed just as I was with the other edits, your version is once again my favorite version now. I loved Palpatine’s red lighting, I got chills during Rey and Kylo’s duel, I adored the rescore during Rey’s final stand, and I love that you kept Ben Solo alive. You changed up the ending so it’s not a retread of what ROTJ was, and I aplaud you.

Thanks for the kind words. I am still going to take another crack at the ending as a whole, but yes I am definitely striving to NOT have this be a repeat of RotJ “the Light beats the Dark and Palpatine dies!” I’m not sure if my initial concept is the right solution, but I’m on the right path at least.

However, some things could be improved, like maybe you could move the Galaxy fleet scene up a bit, perhaps right before Rey’s final stand, then have the part where they pick up Finn after it?

What I was trying to convey was that the space battle is a mere representation of the events happening between the force on the ground. When Palpatine is beating Rey, the Resistance is losing, when Rey is aided by the Jedi, the Resistance begins winning etc. I found it very off putting in theatrical when the space battle is preceding the events happening in the force battle. It was completely backwards thematically.

Some things like Ben’s wound and the Skywalker’s sabers on Tatooine are noticeably zoomed in but I don’t know how you’d get around that.

Yeah, it’s not too great and was more of a concept sketch to see if the story point works. I think it was decent as a story idea but the execution is too distracting so I’ll be taking another shot at reworking the whole concept.

Speaking of Ben on Tatooine, It seems like he jumps to lightspeed twice, or maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way?

Ha, you might be right there. I need to remove the first shot of the Falcon on the Tatooine horizon, there’s no way the ship should be jumping at that speed while in the gravity well of the planet anyways.

Overall great edit with some great potential. P.S If you want to give Finn a bigger role in the finale you could use something like this

Thanks, I still have a ton of work to do here and it’ll be some time before I get to it. But I think some of the ideas turned out well at least. I’ll review those Finn lines and see if anything can be used throughout the film, but sadly they didn’t create enough content for Finn to stay a compelling character outside of TFA so I don’t have much hope in redeeming something epic for him.

CamSMurph said:

You know, this project does raise a good point about the Sequel Trilogy as a whole.

For a story that’s all about bringing balance to the Force, these films sure have a pisspoor way of conveying that ideal. In the eyes of Disney, it’s either one or the other, and rather than forgoing both in favour of a balanced galaxy, they chose the light. Talk about contradicting the original saga!

Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I mean… They got J.J. Abrams so I don’t expect him to understand the intricacies of the themes of the force, but the depiction of it in his film was outright detrimental to the entire concept of balance in the force and turns the entire Star Wars lore into an incoherent mess which was why Rise of Skywalker is my least favorite Star Wars film. I am attempting to maintain the actual behavior of the living force through my edit.

If we look at the trilogies and how they conclude:

PT: Ends with the Dark winning
OT: Ends with the Light winning
ST: Ends with… the Light winning… again

Like if you were going for any sort of balance or pattern, at the absolute minimum you should have the Dark winning again. That’s partially why the trilogy felt so empty to me… there’s no greater meaning or addition to the character of the force. It’s just a rehash of the exact same conclusion of the last trilogy, even against the same exact villain haha. It was depressing to behold. The ST should have ended with balance, neither the light or dark winning, but the force users learning to co-exist.