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Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box 1080p Upscales of Movie 5, Movie 8, and Movie 12 With English and Japanese Audio Tracks
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1-Jun-2022, 1:10 PM

I recently completed upscale projects with three of my favorite DBZ movies, that being Cooler’s Revenge, Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, and Fusion Reborn. The source footage comes from the highly sought after Dragon Box releases that are the most true to form video masters of the show and the films. They are each presented in 1080p in there original theatrical aspect ratios.

I accomplished the upscaling by using several avisynth filters, such as NNEDI3 and aWarpSharp2. I also made sure to use color matrix adjustments to make sure color shifting didn’t occur. The image quality is noticeably sharper while still looking natural. I didn’t want to go too overboard with sharpening. People who are more familiar with Funimation’s remastering attempts may say this is as softer, but much like the original Dragon Box treatments, this isn’t meant to a complete digital overhaul. Comparing the upscaled footage to the original SD source, the grain structure is preserved as well.

Included with these upscales are multiple audio track options that include each major dub and remastered soundmix, such as:

-Original 2.0 Japanese
-Original Funimation Dolby Digital 5.1 English tracks from the standalone DVD sets
-Remastered Funimation 5.1 English tracks with US soundtrack from the Blu Ray releases (using the Dolby Digtal core audio)
-Remastered Funimation 5.1 English tracks with Japanese soundtrack from the Blu Ray releases (using the Dolby Digtal core audio)
-Big Green Dub tracks (with the exception of Fusion Reborn)
-Speedy dub tracks

PM me if interested in checking these out.

Source used: Pendekar’s lossless Dragon Box Movie rips