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Fantasia Special_Edition Laserdisc Restoration with Sunflower v2.1
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29-May-2022, 4:59 AM

Doctor M said:

The Fantasound is very… interesting. But I’ll wait for v2.2 where you fix the frame rate.
25fps with one duplicate frame every second? So much jitter.

I have to assume there is pitch altered speed up in the audio as well, but I haven’t compared it to any other sources.

Hey, I was the editor of V2. You should know about the video, it was a DVD PAL source, which means if I didn’t left it 25fps then I would have to downgrade the whole film to 480p. If there is anything I can do to solve this, please PM me. The goal is of course to do as best as possible, so if there is any way to fix it, I will fix it.