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The Kenobi Movie Show (Spoilers)
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27-May-2022, 6:23 AM

Hugely disappointed with this show.


the beginning started out giving me some hope for this series. The “purge” scenes were handled better than in ROTS, however brief they were. Then we got to the inquisitors. Jesus, they looked worse than a cheap cosplay group. The Grand inquisitor was quite intimidating in the animated series, but here he just looked like Mr potato head dressed in ill fitting black costume. We have already seen his race in ROTS, and the animated character is based upon that race, so why does he look so bad in this? Then the acting for the most part is horrendous, the inquisitors being the worse offenders. So many scenes were ridiculous. They catch the jedi in the bar, the sister goes to cut him down with her sabre only to be stopped by the GI’s force use mid swing. But the saber is cutting into his shoulder. So why the hell didn’t he just move out the way? Instead he stands there and gives out this pathetic whimper and only runs off when the GI force pushes her away. And he gets away so easily. The fifth brother just basically stands there doing nothing.

Then we come to Obi-Wan. His introduction was nothing more than a rip off of Rey in The Force Awakens. She works hard scrubbing scrap she has collected, Ben working as a butcher. Rey goes back to her “home” , rehydrates the food , seeing it inflate, then sits outside and ponders, then is interrupted by the sound of BB-8. Ben goes back to his “home” , rehydrates the food, seeing it inflate and he sits outside and ponders then is interrupted by the sound of a Jawa. Then we get the “oh it was ben who got Luke the skyhopper model” moment. Jesus, not everything we see in the OT has to be bloody explained. When the Jedi asks Ben for help he refuses and it results in his death. Now all those who complain that “that wasn’t Luke in the sequels” dare not think this characterisation of obi-wan is any different. Because it’s not. Both are broken men. Both lost faith in the Jedi. Both refuse to help until persuaded by another party. But i guess they will called it " character building" or some such, for obi-wan because this isn’t the sequels. Yet he took pity and helped out the damn clone trooper later on?

The bickering with the inquisitors gets on your nerves after a while, especially with such bad acting.

Then we get the whole leia bit. These bits were a breath of fresh air after all that. the child who plays Leia was good. But the forest scenes looked like it was dragged from a standard US TV show. Very bad cinematography there.
So Ben is persuaded to go and look for leia, knowing the inquisitors would be after him. So, what does he do? Does he wear the same outfit that he is wearing on Tatooine? No, he decides the best way to not stand out is to dress like a bloody jedi. Really?

The first part of EP 2 is nothing more than fluff. he wasn’t interested in the jedi before yet he is suddenly excited about another jedi being on this planet? Turns out out be a con man. We see this guy happily con a woman and her child out of money. but later he just helps obi-wan? And Ewan keeps slipping into an american accent in places.

Now we get to the rooftop scenes. The worse part of this was the Sisters rooftop jumping. My god, that was laughably badly executed. You’d never guess she was on a wire 😉 And finally we get to the reveal. She tells him that anakin is still alive. But, wait a minute… How does she know that obi-wan thinks anakin is dead? That whole scene just seemed like it was rushed in there just so we could get the anakin reveal in the end, with the super wide head. Obi-Wan’s realisation that Anakin is still alive could have been handled so much better, but they screwed it, just for the Duff Duff moment ending ( UK peeps will probably get the eastenders reference here)

This suffers with the same problems BOBF did. And with them showing obi vs jango in the opening recap montage in ep 1, i’m half expecting Boba Fett to turn up at some point.

Hopefully things will get better. I’m going to stick with it until the end. But, after BOBF, i’m not expecting it to deliver anything more than a nostalgia trip for prequel fans with OT bits thrown in.