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24-May-2022, 4:25 PM

marioxb said:

True, but he’s not upscaling 4 or 6, only Empire, since he’s rendering the others in 1080p from the start.

While i’m not upscaling eps 4 & 6 as i’m working with native 1080p sources, i am still running them through the Topaz software to enhance the picture quality of the 2011 Blu-Ray for Ep 4. So all the repair work that i had to do because of the software problems, has to be done with these. Even with the latest version of the software, you still get these major problems that HAVE to be fixed. Lightsaber movement, laser blasts and frame flashes are especially problematic with the Topaz software causing all sorts of artefacts , mainly in following frames, but also in some preceding frames. Take the trench run, for instance. This is a different type of problem when working with many shots, especially when the ships are in the trench at a side view. The software doesn’t like fast moving bright objects. so, because the trench walls are made up of bright and dark sections in the frame as the trench wizzes past, the software creates glitches and artefacts in various parts of the frame. sometimes the top, sometimes on the next frame in an area that the previous frame was really bright, but now becomes dark and also around the ships too. This is a HELL of a lot of work to undertake to fix these issues, but the results are more than worth it. Because the 2011 blu-rays have an artificial grain added, this software works wonders at removing that without causing the side effects that grain removal software, like Neat Video, creates. Having a cleaner, grain free plate to work on is much better when adding effects than having to add a grain removal plugin that can cause loss of detail./ Yeh, topaz isn’t perfect and you do need to sometimes fix areas that the software has worked a bit too much, but that can be done at the same time as the other fixes needed. Once all the work is completed then i can add a natural 35mm grain throughout the movie.

Tantive3+1 said:

It says here on the Revisted WordPress page that there’s going to be a new Obi-Wan/Ben’s Hut matte that isn’t going to be the Theatrical or the SE ones that were used.

Is this still being considered?

yes. I won’t be using the SE version of the Hutt. Originally i was going to create a new model but i’m waiting to see if a better version appears in the Kenobi show before i decide what route to take.

Bridger12 said:

Adywan, please reconsider your decision to remove the extended Death Star battle sequence. It was one of the best parts! Almost everyone in the comment section of your April 3rd Facebook post agrees. We all think it should be kept in.

No, i won’t be reconsidering it. That section just does not work within ANH. If you look at the Death Star battle , the FX shots are tightly intercut with dialogue. there aren’t any long fx sequences without any form of dialogue until right at the very end as the tension is building between Luke & vader chase. But, even then, it’s nowhere near as long as the sequence i added when the TIEs appear. While something like this would work within the Death Star 2 battle in ROTJ, it just does not work for ANH.

BMadden said:

I thought the extended Death Star battle was brilliantly done just like the extended Hoth battle for ESB:R. I’m shocked and disappointed to hear that it won’t be a part of the HD version of ANH:R. 😦

But i didn’t extend the Hoth battle. It’s the same length with just all the on screen additions & replacement shots. I’ve seen a few people mention the same type of thing when talking about my plans to remove the extended bit i added for the SD version of ANH:R. Makes me wonder if a lot of the people worrying about it are getting what i said mixed up with all the additional space battles going on in the background throughout the battle & the other replacement shots i did.

Bridger12 said:

Since Adywan is using the Rogue One matte for the Death Star laser tunnel, does that mean he’ll have the Death Star plans look like how they do Rogue One, with the dish in the center?

I’m also curious if the Falcon targeting monitors in ANH:R HD are going to be the same as the SD version, or if they’ll revert back to the original version, since The Force Awakens shows them that way?

The Death Star plans during the briefing will be how they appeared in the SD version of ANH:R. But they will also tie into the originals as seen in Rogue One. You’ll just have to wait and see …

The Falcons targeting computer will be back to the original with a few tweaks

EvantheKidDS said:

What’s the plan for the “Look sir, droids!” scene?

I forgot to mention about this when talking about the changes between the SD version and the new HD version. The Special Edition footage will be removed. I wanted to do this originally when i was working on the SD version, but couldn’t pull off what i wanted to do. Even though in one of the behind the scenes docs ( i think it was the dewback one) that they claim to have found the original sandtrooper costumes used in ANH, they lied. What we see on screen in the Special edition sequence are ROTJ stormtroopers with sandtrooper bits added. The helmets are slightly squashed, same as the ROTJ ones and they have the solid black mouth. What you’ll see in the HD version will a slightly extended version of the original 1977 scene using accurate sandtroopers. The CG dewbacks really don’t hold up too well either, especially their riders.

IlFanEditore said:

Happy birthday, Adywan!

Thank you 😃