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Fantasia Special_Edition Laserdisc Restoration with Sunflower v2.1
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23-May-2022, 12:26 AM

Class316 said:
However, Thunderbean released a 35mm scan of the full uncensored fantasia, and the censored parts had much better colors than the old HD transfer.

Thought you should know that the source used in Thunderbean’s uncensored Pastoral scenes is from the same .wmv video file making rounds since 2014, not from a new scan. Yes, the color has been improved somewhat, but it’s still the same proxy sample footage from poita’s SuperScope print scan. You can even see the same scratch lines, markings, and miscellaneous debris in both transfers.

(This is less a dig on you and more an exposé on where the Thunderbean release got its uncensored footage. You’d be much better off cleaning up the proxy footage and then color-correcting it to match the surrounding LaserDisc footage.)

Poita (green squiggle in the top left, blue mark near the top right)


Poita (black blotch near the lower left)