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15-May-2022, 8:36 PM
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Just saw Everything Everywhere All at Once! My thoughts coming out is that it was good, but not great. I guess I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else (and by everyone else, I mean the 8.8 rating on IMDb. Take it with a grain of salt). I still liked it, and I recommend it. I just wasn’t wowed by it.

The biggest issue I had with the film was the runtime. It’s a little too long at 140 minutes, and I think the ideal length is somewhere in the 120-130 minute range. If the film had been made shorter, I’d probably be going gaga for it. I also have to be honest and say that the theme of finding meaning in meaninglessness is one I’ve dealt with already, so it didn’t boggle my mind as much as it did for everyone else. To me, the basic message I got out of the film is that water is wet.

Otherwise, this is a bizarre movie of the good kind. Michelle Yeoh did a great job in the starring role, and come to think of it, so did everyone else who played a member of the family. When you consider that most of the cast is taking on dozens (or hundreds in Yeoh’s case) of roles, it’s hard not to be impressed with the acting on display. The visuals are also on a level of insanity that’s so much fun to watch! It’s a plot where everything is dependent on how random the characters can get, and this results in some ridiculous (but hilarious) circumstances that have to be seen to be believed! There is one shot in this film that I can never describe in words because it would take several novels to explain what everyone is doing. It’s not often that I would praise a film for being so chaotic and disorderly, but this is one exception where the chaos and disorder is the point, and it works.

So while I have a nit or two to pick with this movie, it’s still a wild and fun ride that I enjoyed enough to recommend! If it’s playing in your area and you feel like seeing it, I say give it a watch!