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4K77 v1.0 vs 4K77 v1.4 - Why the different color grades?
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9-May-2022, 6:38 PM

CatBus said:

Everyone’s got their opinions, and not only that, but the films had more than one look. For example, Technicolor prints from that era have a distinctive yellow-greenish cast, other prints would look different. So one person could be trying to match the Technicolor look, someone else may be trying to match a different color reference, another person might be just trying for a balanced neutral look, and so on. These prints are old and I believe they require significant color correction, although others would disagree strongly.

As far as which one comes out on top, you’re going to have to ask someone else. I’m not actually a big 4K77 fan (although 2.0 looks like it might be okay), but for 4K83 I like the results of the 4K83 Remastered project.

I get that. It’s a very interesting thing. I think both are nice. I had a weird experience viewing for example, viewing 4K83 v1.6 last night. I have a 4k TV. So, I felt 1.6 had these pale colors on my PC monitor (and it does, to be fair.) But then I saw something truly amazing. The shot where it focuses on Palpatine sitting on the throne in the death star, and the stars surround him. I finally saw the illusion in effect! (This is hard to explain, I suggest trying it, late at night, with a 4k monitor in the house, and seeing that image glow, it’s truly enigmatic but beautiful.) It felt like they were really behind him! Like oh my god, I don’t see a special effect, it looks like he’s in SPACE. It was truly mystifying. I guess all these variations have different purposes and therefore, different effects really.