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Darth telly
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44rh1n's "The Fellowship of the Ring" Extended Edition Color Restoration (Released)
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4-May-2022, 8:03 PM

CloakedDragon97 said:

Darth telly said:

CloakedDragon97 said:

SHM said:

I am thinking about making a regrade of the new UHD Transfers of LOTR, so they look like the DVDs, in terms of sharpness and definition would it be worth it or should i stick to this version?

I would go with the UHD versions. They are definitely improvements.


I was talking about the color grading which I think is an improvement over the original. It still has way too much DNR and EE though.

Actually, now that I do more examination I found that it depends on the scene. Isengard and Rivendell look much better on the blu-ray, While stuff like Hobbiton and the mountains look much better on the UHD. But if I was watching fellowship I would choose the Blu-ray anyday because of the atrocous quality of the UHD.