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Hal 9000
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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3-May-2022, 11:45 AM

All right, the day has come. Thanks for Spence, I have most of the pieces necessary to start working on the Rey Nobody variant version of Ascendant.

In Spence’s telling of the story, Rey’s parents remain drunken bastards who are irrelevant to the story. Ochi is just a Jedi hunter who happens to have the clue to Exegol, with no other meaningful ties to Rey. (His ship looks similar to the one in TFA, but this is never addressed.) Kylo reveals to Rey that her vision that disturbed her about taking the throne will indeed come to pass, implying that Palpatine knows this. Palpatine evidently told him this, keeping to himself that this is exactly what he wants to happen, which he reveals to Rey later. (Maybe for this version it’d be better to revert the reveal about essence transfer to the third act to Rey, otherwise Kylo ought to have suspected it.) Rey decides to pursue Palpatine to kill him, seemingly giving into this prophecy.

Where I plan to deviate from Spence is to avoid having Palpatine spell out for Kylo in the opening scene about essence transfer, so that the logic can be Palpatine getting Kylo to hype Rey up about coming to kill him. I’m hoping to, after the hangar reveal scene, have Rey resolve to want to kill Kylo Ren rather than Palpatine.

It doesn’t really seem possible to have Rey’s parents be noble or hide her without the Palpatine connection. Raises too many unanswered questions, and is halfway toward the destruction of TLJ’s established facts that a ‘Rey Nobody’ edit values.