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Would it not be amazing if we got a Darth Vader movie directed by Christopher Nolan?
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1-May-2022, 12:17 AM

jedi_bendu said:

I’m beginning to think I don’t want them to merge animation and live action any more either, but only because it’s taking away from the animated shows. When it comes to the TV shows I think animation is the far superior medium.

Yeah, I’m starting to agree with you. It was cool when they were just transferring over a few animated characters into the live-action stuff, but with the upcoming Ahsoka show basically being a live-action Rebels sequel it feels like they just don’t want to do animated stuff anymore. It’s a shame, since so many things can be done in animation that just feel cheesy or lame in live-action. I don’t think Mortis or Yoda’s vision quest would be anywhere near as good if Clone Wars was a live-action show.