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21C Peasant
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Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]
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27-Apr-2022, 10:47 AM

Great work as always and thank you for sharing your workprint.

I’m left with one major thought:

This is probably just my preference, but I feel like it would be more compelling to end the film with Grogu trying to make his decision. The resolve afterward of him in the ship with Mando just comes too quickly (not your fault — just what you have to work with). Plus, the suspenseful ending could be intriguing.

I know that we don’t know what to expect in the coming season, but one way or another, we will see Grogu end up with Mando, so his decision will be apparent in the next film. Also, the current closing shot could very well be used in that film.

Even if we were never to get another season, I still find that ending to be the most interesting and thought-provoking.

Just my thoughts

Thank you again for the chance to view in advance. I look forward to the finished product!