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Why is the original trilogy better than the prequels?
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24-Apr-2022, 6:42 AM
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24-Apr-2022, 6:43 AM
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JadedSkywalker said:

The only similarity i see is on Phantom Menace they didn’t know if they could achieve the effects Lucas wanted, similar to ILM in 1976-77. They had to invent new technology on the fly, they had to push cgi as far as possible for the late 90s.
Lucas spent a lot of time on the screenplay, probably as much as the original 77 film. But none of that effort ends up on screen. He was very thoughtful in writing it, did a lot of research. Like he says he is a terrible writer and just bleeds on the page.

Episode II and III on the other hand didn’t have a long writing period, and began in the concept art before GL even started writing.

There is no doubt the 6 films are his stories. But he needed other writers to polish Star Wars, Empire and Jedi. He didn’t always know where he wanted to go with the story, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and Leigh Brackett’s Star Wars 2 prove that. The Revenge of the Jedi script is much more operatic and epic in scope than the return of the jedi we ended up with. It also was unfilmable on any reasonable budget.

I’d still like to read the script of Episode I that opens on Utapau, and Obi Wan is the main character. There is no Qui Gon. Anakin is allegedly 12 and not 9 years old. Obi Wan somehow finds him and he is already gifted in the force. Decides to train him.

Just realized this is a scam thread. And i fell for it.

Post it up in the Prequel thread JadedSkywalker, before the moderators delete this. I enjoyed reading your post. I think many of us would like to read the earlier script that opens on Utapau with an older Anakin.