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Why Rogue One doesn't work well as a prequel to Star Wars
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18-Apr-2022, 2:40 PM

Servii said:

Darth Retcon said:

Ice said:

I feel that any prequel is always intended to be watched in release order; ie the very fact that it is a prequel means that it should be watched with the knowledge of the film that comes after it.

Chronological order ruins the viewing experience, at least for a first-time viewer (people who have seen all films can choose any order).

I joke, but this his would not be an issues if everyone had an option to watch the unaltered theatrical cuts. 😃

the image is not mine: https://twitter.com/BrandonMutala/status/1471499989448753161

That’s really the main intended purpose of Machete Order. To preserve the Vader twist while allowing a new viewer to recognize who the heck that young ghost guy is in RotJ.

It might be fun to do fan edits of AotC and RotS that account for Machete Order. It’s grown on me as a way of watching the films.

As for Rogue One, it can really be watched whenever, as long as the person has at least seen ANH beforehand. I made the mistake of showing Rogue One first to someone, and they were very confused about Darth Vader.

Sometimes I completely forget the “Machete Order” exists because of George’s unnecessary and careless meddling with his “Special Editions”:

The Star Wars Saga: Introducing Machete Order, in 2011

Star Wars Machete Order: Update and FAQ, in 2015

Both pieces are by the creator of the “Machete Order”: Rod Hilton.

I wonder if he is a member on here given his love for the OT films, the Despecialized Editions, and the 4K fan projects he mentions in his articles above.

I do like he updated them to include a “Where Do Episode VII and Rogue One fit?” section too.