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screams in the void
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What do you think of The Prequel Trilogy? A general discussion.
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17-Apr-2022, 9:54 PM

I agree they were poorly written , though I do enjoy some aspects of them . Your ideas seem interesting CarboniteSolo , though when I read them it seemed like they rely on leaving too much of the prequels intact when it comes to the antagonism between Obi - Wan and Anakin . If anything , the prequels need to play up , " And he was a good friend " from the original film and actually show us more of their friendship before things fall apart .One angle I was ok with in the prequels was Anakin as a slave , but thought it was a missed opportunity and he could have showed more resentment to the Jedi council for not helping end it and free his mom as well as all the slaves . It was something that was foreshadowed in TPM but never really followed up on . I have mentioned this elewhere , but I think him going beore the council and saying , " How can we call ourselves guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy , when we turn a blind eye to one of the most serious injustices ? " It would have gone a long way to making his turn more believable . I think you are right though , we should have started with Anakin early on . I would take it a step further and have him be around Luke’s age in the original film .Also , go with things implied from the original film more . Have Anakin start out living with the Lars on Tatooine as an ace starship mechanic and pilot . Have the clones be the Mandalorian Supercommandos from the early design phase of TE
SB . Maybe start the first film as a mirror of the opening of the original and have Kenobi fleeing from a Dreadnaught class cruiser like the ones in Zahn’s Katana Fleet , as he is fleeing it , the Dreadnaught drops a Mandalorian Starfighter out of its hangar and it pursues Kenobi to the surface of Tatooine . Kenobi’s ship takes a hit and he crash lands near the Lars Moisture Farm …they see smoke on the horizon and rush to help and the story is set in motion .Later on , reveal to the audience that a slave trade is happening on Tatooine . Maybe Anakin and The Lars family are indentured servants to one of the slave traders and it may give more plot motivation for Anakin’s turn later , among other factors .