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What do you think of The Prequel Trilogy? A general discussion.
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17-Apr-2022, 2:12 PM

The Prequels were written poorly. Anakin should have been the same actor throughout all three movies.

They should have followed closely with Anakin from the start, instead George started with the Jedi who then run into Anakin halfway into the movie.

We should have watched the trade federation attack Naboo, then we jump to Anakin, mirroring The events of A New Hope where we see Darth Vader attack and board Tantive IV and then we meet Luke later.

After the initial attack on Naboo, we finally get to meet Anakin and we see how good a person he is. Then we see the Jedi arrive and he meets Padme, and then they build on that. You establish his character, then you bring in Padme so they can connect and establish the beginning of their relationship.

I would have had Senator Palpatine sense something directly after the Jedi meet Anakin, he senses Anakin before even meeting him in person. Yoda feels it as well, but doesn’t know what it is yet.

The political stuff should have been limited to a few scenes and then it’s over. It should have concentrated more on Anakin/Padme and then Anakin/ Kenobi.

Episode II

Should have concentrated more on Anakin’s unfinished training, meeting Padme and establishing a connection again after being gone for 3 years, instead of 10 years. Anakin learns to be a Jedi quickly because he’s different.

First half it’s about Anakin and Kenobi. Anakin disobeys Kenobi to save his mother and to see more of Padme.
The story about his mother and the Lars family still happens. Kenobi shows no sympathy for Anakin’s mother’s death, while Palpatine feels Anakin’s pain and comforts him. Anakin feels safe to go to Palpatine instead of his own master.

Episode III

Anakin and Kenobi’s relationship is strained, the Jedi council basically giving up on him because of Kenobi. They refuse to promote him, just like in the film, only slightly different.