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Darth Malgus
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On Jedi and Attachment
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17-Apr-2022, 1:02 PM
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What I think happened is that the whole prequel Jedi philosophy simply didn’t gel well with modern audiences, so people came up with interpretations that placed the Jedi as the ones who wronged Anakin rather than Anakin just being in the wrong. It’s perfectly fine to choose to interpret the prequels as being critical of the Jedi. I just don’t believe that was George’s intention when writing them.

Well, in the Expanded Universe continuity the Prequel Jedi are clearly wrong, and I support this idea regardless of Lucas’ thought. Also, I tend not to trust George’s statements about this specific subject, because they often contradict each other. So I prefer to give my own interpretation, which I think makes a lot more sense than the “Anakin was wrong” interpretation. No, Anakin wasn’t completely wrong. Of course he had his responsabilities, but the Jedi were wrong either in prohibiting something completely natural as the love between two people. Everyone has a certain amount of responsibility for Anakin’s fall: the Jedi, Palpatine and Anakin himself. It’s neither all Anakin’s fault nor all Jedi’s fault. Even assuming that Lucas wanted to convey the message that the Jedi were right and Anakin wrong, he did so in a way that doesn’t allow people to identify with the Jedi cause and literally leads everyone to see Anakin as a victim of circumstances, Palpatine’s manipulations and the Jedi dogmatism, rather than a victim of himself.