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Darth telly
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The Star Wars Holiday Special: The Definitive Release (Help Needed) (WIP)
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15-Apr-2022, 2:10 PM

MattMahdi said:

SnooPac said:

Chewbacca & holiday special stuff starts at around the 17min mark 😃.

Out of curiosity, what’s the resolution?

All I was able to find, and it was aeons ago, was 768x432.

The copies you gave me are much better quality, but they are missing little parts here and there so I created a patchwork of different copies that overall created the best possible quality. Also for some reason the HD-TV you gave me has a orange tint, and the part on internet archive was slightly to yellow. I used them in this order of priority.

  1. The stream rip you gave me
  2. The HD-TV you gave me
  3. The 4:3 internet archive source that snoopac ripped for me