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What do you think of The Prequel Trilogy? A general discussion.
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14-Apr-2022, 4:00 PM
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Omni said:

Would like to point out that HelloGreedo’s community is very civil and nice, and that he himself has mostly turned around on his early, PT hating years, which should paint an accurate picture of how PT fans are treated now vs. how they were treated then. I do believe the Ring Theory is a major stretch, but with honest roots in Lucas trying to tie together the saga visually and obviously story-wise as well, to varying degrees of success. But Plinkett is a major no. In his TPM video he claims the opening shot of the original Star Wars is “so brilliant Lucas must have had nothing to do with it.” Stoklasa, not playing the character, in a regular video with “People vs. George Lucas” director claimed that “Lucas is, second only to Ringo Starr, the luckiest person in show-biz.” Amazes me how people still point to him for great critiques. Fucking idiot.

It’s this desperate attempt to minimize everything Lucas has ever done. Stardust and people like them to my understanding are simply over-compensating now, for the overwhelming hate Lucas received since 1997 but especially since 1999. That’s really Lucas’s story is all about, sadly. After the OT and the Indy trilogy Lucas became a legend. A man that has written and produced several incredible films, and directed three excellent films, American Graffiti and Star Wars both considered to be two of the best there’s ever been. Of course he was a legend.

And of course there was never a world where he’d live up to it. Then came the SEs, then came the PT, then came Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and the rest is history. People turned on him, demonized him, grown ass men claiming that Lucas “r***d their childhood”. Really disgusting stuff. Constant harassment, etc etc.

And now we have the Stardusts of the world, people that grew up loving all the man did and still love him, and will defend him to death, probably a lot more because of how minimized he’s been over the years. Sure there’s the oojason “time travelling revisionist” thread, which can be seen by some as a response to Lucas’ “efforts of burying history” over time, but when people come to this website and that thread stands tall, with no “praising George Lucas” or “a moment to thank George Lucas” thread next to it, it paints an obvious picture on how the community views him. Essentially the same thing Stoklasa is saying - a lucky hack that’s done nothing right. Of course that’s absurd. He wrote, produced and directed Star Wars and Graffiti. He wrote and produced TESB, ROTJ and the four Indy films. The man is talented, an amazing writer (even if not necessarily screenwriter) and a very competent director. He made three very different films in his middle age but that doesn’t change what he did when he was younger. I think failing to recognize that is what makes Stardust come here claiming he’s a man of singular vision and that he’s right when everyone is wrong.

Of course, Stardust’s position just keeps feeding on this vicious cycle which will probably never end. Again, we should probably all learn something from Lucas’ playbook - which unsusprisingly is the same as the Jedi playbook - and learn to let go a bit.

You pretty much nailed how I feel in a general sense. I’m really glad first off to hear HelloGreedo’s approach has evolved honestly as I remember watching his videos back in the day where he detailed the changes made to each movie. I merely found them interesting to see how they evolved and grew. I wasn’t watching him to be critical of George Lucas changing his story. I watched them as I liked seeing the development process from what we saw in 1977 to at that point 2011. I’ll always defend George. I owe him so much but he doesn’t owe me anything back. He made a collection of stories outside of just Star Wars that I love too. I love his creative vision and will always defend his and anyone’s artistic integrity over a corporation telling stories or fans telling you what is wrong with your story. I can’t be mad at him. There’s things I’d do differently but I don’t find it’s my place to go on message boards detailing everything I feel is wrong. I’m a generally speaking very positive person with rare instances where I can resort to cynicism. I’m merely with Star Wars and George Lucas sharing complete context to the partial information sometimes claimed to be passed off as absolute fact. I’m guilty of it too. Do I go a little far and do I take responsibility? I absolutely do. I know I’m not perfect and I know my prospective will offend people sometimes but my take on Star Wars is more aligned with following George’s lead versus a fan’s prospective. I love being a fan but sometimes I think as a fan we forget that we aren’t the ones who make these things. I’ll contradict myself sometimes as George does but that’s because I too don’t always have full context. I’m very invested in learning about George and his way of creating stories. I’ve watched nearly everything I can about him on YouTube that isn’t clearly biased. I’ve also watched and read multiple interviews with him. I’ve read books about him and his collaborators. I don’t see him as some cynical man who wanted to hurt anyone or that changed that much as he always had story as the first thing in his mind. He was merely trying to expand the palates to tell those stories with the Prequels. He’s spoken of this and even said he doesn’t like technology all that much. He just didn’t make films like some wanted as they grew up to have different tastes than the different tone and prospective given to his later films. This isn’t a bad thing. We grow and change as we get older. George changed but not in the ways most think. What’s not okay though is acting like he damaged your childhood. He did no such thing. He instead gave Star Wars to another generation and now for better or worse we have Disney doing the same thing. Star Wars has to grow and evolve. It may not be in the ways we always want it to be but we can try accepting it and letting go. We can always see another side to the story. I just tend to value George’s viewpoint more than a fan or anyone else as George is the absolute when it comes to his creations. No one knows Star Wars better than the man who created it.

I sincerely apologise to everyone I offended. I truly am sorry but I also feel the whiplash shouldn’t be squarely put on me as the only one responsible. We can all go a little far sometimes.