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Darth telly
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The Star Wars Holiday Special: The Definitive Release (Help Needed) (WIP)
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13-Apr-2022, 4:02 PM

SnooPac said:

Darth telly said:

Would someone be willing to find a way to download this for me?

That was annoying. It’s split up into multiple parts each 1 minute long. I wrote a quick bash script to download all the parts. Works on Linux. I think Mac would also work with this?
And if you have ffmpeg, it also combines them all:

while [ $counter -lt 1800 ]
filename=The_Colbert_Report_$(printf “%04d” ${counter})-$(printf “%04d” $(expr ${counter} + 60)).mp4
echo “file $filename” >> colbert_concat
wget -O ${filename} ${main_link_start}${counter}${main_link_end}$(expr ${counter} + 60)
counter=$(expr ${counter} + 60)

ffmpeg -f concat -i colbert_concat -c copy The_Colbert_Report_20120110.mp4

In case that didn’t format correctly when pasting here:


I just ran it and it finished. When it’s done, it had the following files:

All the ~6mb files are the 1 minute mp4s.
colbert_concat is an intermediary file made by the script, needed by ffmpeg to combine. is the actual script
The_Colbert_Report_20120110.mp4 is the final file, 179mb.

The final file seems fine. Most of the transitions at the minute marks are unnoticeable (3-4 of them had a bit of corrupted video).

Chewbacca & holiday special stuff starts at around the 17min mark 😃.

Actually, how about you just send me the files.