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"First Order, Last Jedi - A Star Wars Story" The first ever 3-in-1 Sequel Trilogy edit (Released)
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12-Apr-2022, 11:52 AM

T-202 said:

This is a pretty great edit! I really liked it for the most part but there are a few odd moments such as the Resistance Evacuation and the early mention of the Sith fleet. Ben’s death was also kinda anti-climatic but I appreciate that now Leia dies once the fighting is over and her son is dead like Luke says to Rey. Overall solid 8/10!

Thank you so much for the kind words! There definitely were some compromises / challenges in making a cohesive narrative. As you noticed, the resistance evacuation has some odd moments for the sake of pacing and tension. Because Canto Bight has been removed, I had to restructure that entire ‘chase’ sequence, condensing it in the beginning and stretching it out toward the end.

Tell me about the early Sith Fleet mention. Do you remember about how far along? Wondering if it was a random moment of dialogue I never thought to trim. A lot of Ep 9 ended up scattered across the edit so there’s inevitable continuity issues!