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Community Focus Thread 2: Return of the Jedi
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11-Apr-2022, 8:50 PM

arabian said:

RogueLeader said:

Official name now. Hahaha.

What I like about these ideas is that it not only benefits Boba’s characterization, but I think it could benefit the plot in general without really taking away from the move as-is. Even the scene change I suggested of Boba catching Han and Leia, you could actually Lee that whole scene, and just have Boba be the first person they see/hear before Jabba starts laughing and reveals himself. Boba’s presence there could just imply that Boba was the one who tipped off Jabba. You could even have Jabba say, “Good job, Fett!” since his first line in that scene isn’t subtitled, I believe.

But, it could still be trimmed for pacing if you wanted it to be.

Great ideas in this thread, and I LOVE the Han/Leia caught by Boba, cut to the cell. But something in here that you wrote got me thinking. What if we held on Boba for just a moment or two longer, and had a quick burst of Jabba’slaughter that echoes into that cut scene in the cell? That tells us that Boba tipped off Jabba, and Boba has basically sold Han/Leia in just a few seconds.

This would work well too arabian! Will have to play around with the capture scene. I’m gonna see about putting that Vader line together too. We also need to find a good image of Boba and a background to use for the view screen.

Nev, maybe you could share that background you made for the capture scene?