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What is your main way of watching the Original Trilogy?
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8-Apr-2022, 11:43 PM

Not sure if helpful but here’s mine:

ANH - 4K77 DNR v1.0 (I know it’s outdated, but I like the color grading, I like the film grain, the crackles that make it look it’s from a projection print, the superb 4K image quality. It’s perfect. It IS Star Wars. I think personally, TN1 SSE is a good runner up. I know the colors, as it had it explained to me are not accurate and the scan of is of adequate quality, but that’s somewhat why I like it. It looks like an amateur film print you’d find in a storage locker and then project it with friends, like a lost artifact from long ago. It also reminds me of a version of SW that exists in another timeline, where something was not lovingly restored, let’s say it bombed at the box office and Fox just transferred a dupe they had lying around. SSE is what that release would look like imo, but 4K77 to me, it’s the purist way to see that film.

ESB - This is a tough one. The BETA 1 of 4K80 looks astonishing, but I gotta hand it to D+80. The color grading is quite nice. Has some footage of TN1 Renegade Dreamaster spliced in, great audio options. It’s my go to version for now. 4K80 is seemingly going to be my definitive version. I’m not a fan of DE 2.0. It has a few color grading errors. See example here: https://i.imgur.com/mkOQzcf.png

ROTJ - 4K83 for authenticity, but I have to hand it to OTD83. It looks stunning, I’m just a purist when it comes to the OT. So 4K83 feels more true to me, but the mix of 35MM shots and 4k UHD footage adds an excellent mix and fixes some of the VFX errors the 1983 version had.