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The Final Order - A no Leia/Rey Nobody TROS edit by Spence (Completed)
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6-Apr-2022, 12:32 PM

SpenceEdit said:

So there’s two things I’ve been wrestling with this whole time, and I’ve decided to put them back in.

  • C-3PO will exclaim “Oh, they fly now!” without Finn and Poe mimicking it. I think the initial line from 3PO is funny, but the other two don’t need to parrot it.

  • I’m gonna have Babu Frik pop up in the big battle. Honestly, it made me and everyone I was with laugh at the theater, and I still enjoy it.

A little humor never hurt anyone, right?

Oh dude, with each of your posts here I get closer to the point where I just let my personal edit rest 😄
90 percent of your ideas correspond to my imagination (and the other 10 are better than mine)