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If you could change one thing about every movie, what would it be?
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3-Apr-2022, 4:55 PM
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4-Apr-2022, 1:30 PM
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TPM or start with Hayden from the start

AOTC real on location sets, no green screen all the time. Real actors in clone uniforms.

ROTS why and how Padme dies. Could she have lived a year or two on Alderaan? Continuity error from ROTJ.

ANH Han shoots first, no Greedo getting a shot off, he just dies right there.

TESB make Ian McDiarmid’s Emperor match that of ROTJ Emperor.

ROTJ get rid of all the Ewok slapstick comedy stunts in the movie.

TFA Han Solo doesn’t die in the movie but takes Rey to see Luke once they get his coordinates.

TLJ Luke, Leia and Han Solo on screen together, preferably on the Falcon. Then Solo gets killed 1/3 into the film, thanks Harrison.

I’ll write something for TROS later.