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The Final Order - A no Leia/Rey Nobody TROS edit by Spence (Completed)
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3-Apr-2022, 9:48 AM

So, a serious update.

(by the way, the clip a few posts above this one was a fun April Fool’s joke, if you missed it.)

At this point I consider the edit “picture locked”, which in my head means I’ve got it where I want it and will not be making any further major changes. Everything from here on out is just tweaking things and fixing technical problems. I’ve got it in a good place, but some of the audio changes are challenging and require some more attention.

I’ve got some trusted eyes watching it this weekend that will likely find more problems I haven’t noticed, but I watched it from beginning to end yesterday on a big TV with very loud surround sound (my wife was out of the house so I could really crank it) and I’m very happy with how it has turned out.

So TL:DR, this should be released very soon, within the next two weeks or so. I’m very proud of it. I’m grateful for all the assistance and shared ideas that I was able to use. Big shoutout to all the amazing work on Ascendent that HAL9000 and all his contributors put into that edit, as it formed the basis of mine and brought in some incredible moments nobody would’ve thought could even exist.

There will be a big long list of thank you’s at the end of the credits for this one!