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If you’re reading this thread, then you know what the 90’s Batman and Robin movie is and why it killed the franchise for several years. After watching The Batman and getting into that noir world, I thought about what a polar opposite it was from Batman and Robin and then…in some sort of fever dream…I had an idea.

Let me start by saying that this movie is bad, so I’m not going to make this into the greatest Batman movie of all time nor am I going to cut away everything that was inaccurate to the comic books because I wouldn’t even be left with a title sequence. This is also not an attempt to Burton-ize or Nolan-ize this movie. My approach is to find a middle ground which is more akin to the animated series. That is to say that this movie will be darker in appearance and little to no campiness in tone. Eliot Goldenthal’s score will be lessened and replaced with music from the Arkham games. My reasoning for this is that, well when you hear Jaws, you think of Jaws and when you hear Shaft, you think of Shaft. When you hear Goldenthal’s score, personally it takes me to visions of ice skating heroes and Mr. Freeze forcing his henchmen to sing songs while freezing.

Here are the overall plans that are in the works, but not the full cutlist:
-To tone down on the obnoxious colors, I’m converting it to black and white
-Replace as much Goldenthal score (at least his Batman theme) as possible with Arkham music
-ALL bad Arnold puns are gone
-NO BANE AT ALL (it’s amazing how easy it was to cut him out completely)
-New opening featuring our heroes going after Freeze with intercutting credits
-Severely lessen the museum action sequence and remove ice skating heroes, dinosaur surfing and cheesy sound effects
-No rocket ship attempted getaway
-No Ivy origin or lab scenes
-Try to make Freeze a more sympathetic villain as his drive is to help his wife, not murder innocent people until he thinks his wife is dead
-Batman and Robin will bicker due to Ivy, but I’m working on taking away the trust issues
-The reveal that Ivy betrayed Freeze through a video recording will be edited so it is an audio recording Batman is playing for Freeze.
-Move some shots around because Freeze will not be Ivy’s cellmate at the end. Instead, we’ll see Ivy in Arkham and then I’m using an earlier shot of Freeze in Arkham holding an ice sculpture of his wife as I feel that is the perfect way to end his story.

Now, for a preview. This is not the final product as I want to adjust some of the darkness levels in there and mess around with some of the sound effects and foley a little more, but this is to give you a preview of my idea and where I’m going with this. This is going to take a while! These first 8-9 minutes took me 3 weeks!

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