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Episode VIII. Sins of The Past (WIP)
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31-Mar-2022, 12:25 PM

Episode VIII. Sins of The Past (WIP)

I for one really enjoyed The Last Jedi in theaters back on December 16th in 2017, but ever since my first viewing something in me has felt like the movie didn’t feel right. So I began searching for the reason. Was it because Snoke died? Was it because of how Rian Johnson portrayed Luke Skywalker? Or was it because Rey was a Nobody? The Answer is actually none of those things. To me, my biggest issue with Episode VIII. The Last Jedi was that it didn’t feel like a Sequel to The Force Awakens, and the tone shifted from Episode VII. Characters like Hux didn’t feel like himself, while Kylo Ren was the best character (Yes- BEST PART OF THE MOVIE) but the movie made him less threatening. So my plan is to make The Last Jedi 10 times better than what it use to, while making a reasonably theatrical cut runtime.

Basic Cut List (First Act Only for RN)

New Crawl (To Bring up that both sides are racing to reclaim the galaxy, as well as state that Supreme Leader Snoke has sent Kylo Ren on a Mission, while Leia sent Rey off in search for her brother to seek answers inside herself across the stars)
Pans down to two tie fighters flying over Mustafar (From TROS)
Use Extra Battlefront 2 Footage for Mustafar Battle
Kylo finds the Wayfinder, as Kylo holds it, he’ll hear Leia try and communicate to him
The scene slides off to a New Shot of Ach-To, where Rey hands Anakin/Luke’s Saber, while grabbing the dialogue from a cut sequence later. Luke looks upon her, gets a quick vision from the Saber and hands back the saber to Rey saying “No”
Luke runs off, while Rey says, “Please Master Skywalker” (Add the “Please” from TFA)
Rey runs down and we get multiple camera angles of the huts to make it feel more mysterious and that Rey is looking for Luke
She’ll stop and knock on the closed door, “Hello?” she’ll ask
Scene cuts to Finn in his Coma dreaming of what happened on Starkiller Base, Like PTSD (Idea from Ivan Ortega, loved the scene in his)
Finn wakes up and sees a Resistance soldier running by, he then goes and looks out the window to see transports
We see the huge shot of the fleet’s evacuation, then down to D’Qar’s surface, where Connix is trying to load up everyone
“They found us” Poe’s on The Bridge
The First Order Bridge (Remove some of Hux’s Pointless overly explaining, Show, don’t tell)
Make Poe afraid to Face Hux and The First Order’s Dreadnought/Fleet
Remove Poe talking to Leia throughout this entire sequences, including the C-3P0 Whip that nervous expression Joke)
Remove BB-8 Gag with the Multiple Arms
Make The Space Bomber Battle not be AS fast paced (restore Paige Tico deleted scene)
Trim some of Paige’s fall sequence (Just made it feel like too late)
Dreadnought is down, Leia sees the Fleet in turmoil, and Hux is left in fear of Snoke
Cut to Poe and Finn reuniting (Maybe insert a better Line for Poe instead of the Leaking bag gag) Finn then asks Poe, “Where’s Rey?”
We get a new shot of The Island, where Luke is in his Hut, Chewy kicks the door down
Cut Rey “He said” and now make it, “You’re coming back with us…”
Cut the entire Rey explaining to Luke scene, dialogue will be repurposed for Rey meeting Luke but this has to be one of my least favorite scenes of the movie just on directing level and execution.
After Luke questioned “Where’s Han” it stays on the Island with a clean shot, where Luke goes to his hut, with no Rey peeking in at him, (very Stalkerish Rey)
Scene translates with Music back to Leia on The Raddus, coming out of Hyperspace
Finn and Poe get there scene, where Finn explains he didn’t join this army, and Poe gives him the coat
Leia slaps Poe’s face (Remove the Demotion) -Because I can Fix Holdo by doing this
After Leia talks to Poe about being a Leader, scene translates back to Ach-To
(Remove Sea Cow, JUST NO)
Now Use The Rey peaking into Luke’s Hut
Luke gets out of his hut, “You’re wasting your time.”
Rey follows him till she gets called to The Force Tree
When Luke raises the question, “Who are you?” Rey responds, “I’m no one.”
Remove, “They sent you…” because this is being said so many times, it’s a bit annoying
Keep Jakku Joke (Sounds like Luke Skywalker
Trim Rey’s dialogue, “Something deep inside me has always been there, and now it’s awake and I need help.” to “Something inside me is awake. And I need help.”- Feels More Like Rey
Cut lines, “I’ve seen your daily routine you are not busy” “I came to island to die”
Trim off “We all do” from Rey’s line towards Luke, He should be focusing on His Sister, also it gives off more emotion of Rey
Scene translates to Kylo Ren on The Supremacy using a New VFX Shot looking outside the window, scene would transition to him in his mask walking towards Snoke
Whole Throne Room has a bit of a darker color (Just a Personal change)
Remove, “Take that ridiculous thing off”
Somehow redub Snoke to say, “There is someone who I want you to eliminate, someone dear to your heart, your mother” that sounds almost exactly like Andy Serkis
Scene translates to Ach-To at night, where Luke visits the Falcon, Remove first Porg Joke, and remove “Nothing can change my mind” from Luke to R2
Cuts back to Resistance, remove Kylo, “Follow me” it will be used later
Kylo Ren shoots Leia out the Window
Leia is saved by Luke (So it’s better than Leia Poppins)
Because of this, Luke wakes up Rey and tells her training will begin tomorrow, Remove “Three lessons” as well as “And why they need to end.”
Scene translates to The Meeting on the Raddus, Admiral Ackbar has survived and has his Resistance attire on. He’ll say, “General Leia is in a comma and the majority of the bridge crew did not survive the blast” “There will be time to grieve later, my self and remaining senior officers will attend to the CIS to formulate an escape plan. In the meantime I am turning leadership to Senator Holdo (Might still keep her Vice Admiral), she has my full trust and support.”
Possibly recolor Holdo’s Purple Hair (Nothing against Purple Hair, but I just think it’s too distracting at points for a Vice Admiral)
Remove Holdo Bringing up His Demotion Because he didn’t get demoted in this cut
Restore BB-8 and Finn Deleted Scene (1 of the most important deleted scenes that would have made it feel like a Sequel to TFA, also continues the bond between BB-8 and Finn)