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Quantum Of Solace - The No Good About Goodbye Cut (Released)
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30-Mar-2022, 8:26 PM

After NTTD was released, I decided to rewatch all of the previous Craig-era Bond films. In regards to Casino Royale and Skyfall being my favorites of the era, I developed a soft spot for QOS. The film had so much potential to be an epic conclusion to what I call the “Vesper” arc but due to the writer’s strike, strange decisions, etc., it resulted in a weird mess of a film that in some aspect, it doesn’t feel like a direct sequel nor a finished product. It’s also been a decade since another fan editor named Lastsurvivor who has previously worked on one has been released. So I got inspired by his work by using it as a base and went to do my own personal touches with my ripped Blu-ray copy.

The Changes:

  • A few scenes from Casino Royale are utilized to have a certain recalling, stronger connection to the previous film, and are edited in a grainy black and white filter.

  • A custom gunbarrel by brightslash has been utilized resulting in the title sequence being moved 16 mins into the film.

  • A small clip from garin2’s Skyfall remade pre-title sequence is used to add a custom credit in the title sequence.

  • Forever (I Am All Yours) by Eva Almer is used over Another Way To Die.

  • The gunfight at the opera house has been slowed down and edited to give an emotional flashback of Vesper.

  • A deleted scene involving Mathis in the hospital from Casino Royale is used to give a brief reminisce of the character before meeting him again in Italy.

  • Mathis’ death scene was trimmed in an attempt to make it less confusing by having him already dead inside the van which a snippet before in the Greene Planet sequence was also trimmed.

  • The final fight scene with Bond and Greene / Camille and Medrano was edited to have an emotional sequence.

  • No Good About Goodbye by Shirley Bassey was added over the credits.

File size: 9.36 GB

720p is available for now due to 1080p’s colossal file size.

If you’re interested in watching it, dm me for the link.

Update 1/7/2022: 1080p version is now available!