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Unusual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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29-Mar-2022, 7:08 PM

Mxylv said:

thebluefrog said:

Holdo’s kamikaze scene, while visually great, was not a good addition to the SW lore. Yes, yes, all the arguments have already been made, especially as this kind of overpowered attack would actually win the rebellion.

So…why not make that scene part of the final dogfight battle…and involve Luke.

Maybe something like:

Instead of dying after the Force projection, Luke pulls off the greatest Jedi trick and wipes out the fleet from afar and THEN dies. Proving size means nothing and the Jedi are one with everything, including space. He’s gone beyond sabers and fighting with lasers.

I really like that! It has me thinking… what if it were reordered so Luke has an (optional) force hologram moment, then dies, and then the battlefleet is wiped out, driving home Obi Wan’s words of “becoming more powerful than [one] could ever imagine?” I’m not entirely sure how one would indicate that the ship was his doing; probably an echoey voice for a couple lines.

(Of course, that would raise the question of why he wouldn’t destroy Exegol by himself afterward…)

What if we make the Throne Room scenes accure during the Battle of Crait?